Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chet the Jet

Every so often I read about some athletic endeavor too ridiculous to keep to myself.  While investigating "Spiz," the high-calorie energy drink fueling Jason "The Hammer" Lane in his Trans America bike race (yes, that's another one worth reporting one day), I came across this report on Chet "The Jet" Blanton.

"Chet Blanton set the record of doing 27 Triathlons in one year including one "Double Deca" Triathlon (48 mile swim, 2,240 mile bike, and 524 mile run). He completed this continuous race in 28 days and 6 hours. Chet holds the record for doing the most triathlons in one year (27). Read more about this extraordinary athlete."

I doubt the assertion that 27 triathlons in a year is a record -- Guinness gives it to Bart Hackley, with 123 -- but I am intrigued by the double-deca-triathlon.  That's 20x iron-distance, or nearly one month of full time triathlon.

Max "Fuzzy Bunny" H__ hereby quits.


  1. Sounds like a great way to impress the ladies who are looking for a fit guy.

  2. Assuming this is actually true how does one train for an event that takes 28 plus days to complete? What are your long runs in preparation? "Bye honey, I'll be back in late July so don't wait up!"

  3. Endurance sports are like trying to be the richest guy in NYC. There's always some other guy/gal ahead of you. . .

  4. A wise comment. You can in theory win a race but you can't control when somebody comes up with a cooler race to win while you weren't looking.