Monday, June 23, 2014

Longish Run

So, after my disappointing attempt at a ten miler last week, interrupted by a strained adductor and shamefaced ride home on a Citibike, I was anxious to actually finish the run this week.  I met C Sunday morning, and we agreed to a course that would never leave me too far from home if disaster struck.  We ran down to Red Hook, back behind Ikea (where there is a hidden and largely undiscovered waterfront park), back along the water through Brooklyn Bridge Park, through Vinegar Hill, up the steps in Fort Green Park and home.  The good news is, no disaster.  Instead of pushing the pace enthusiastically, as I did last week, I was careful to keep the pace between 9:30 an 10ish per mile.  I paid attention to form, and felt good enough that when we finished about a half mile short, there was no doubt about throwing a loop to bring the mileage up to 10 miles.  I even had enough left for a mild kick at the end.   The better news is that today I'm feeling none the worse for wear.  Did a spin class, 10 minutes on the treadmill, and then 30 minutes on the elliptical, and my legs feel looser than they have in a while.  One thing that may have helped was a shoe change.  I went back to the NB 980s that I abandoned before the Brooklyn Half because of calf soreness.  This time the calf tolerated the smaller heel drop, and everything else about my form benefitted.  Knock on wood, this is all good news . . .


  1. Good news.

    I am doing short runs around my neighborhood in Rome but can't post for some reason. May I send you longish email and have you post from your end?