Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you buy race photos?

I usually buy a couple of 4x6s for L's wall of race photos at her office.  This time there were a couple of pix that were download only or download or poster size for $177 which was ridiculous.  So I bought 2 and downloaded one.  The download doesn't appear copyable or pasteable but will playing with it plus it was twice the price of the prints (which are scannable).  Not happy.


  1. I have bought many race photos, but it has been a few years -- for precisely the reasons you articulate. Obnoxiously expensive, badly bundled options, third-rate photography. There's the further problem that I seem to have the most extraordinary facial expressions when running. I am increasingly collecting pictures from races at which I have support, so the support takes the picture, and letting the other ones go. Sorry about your experience! (The one you blogged the other day was pretty good, I thought.)

  2. Like Max, I used to buy him a lot, but buy them less frequently now. the likelihood varies increases monotonically with the length of the race and the nature of the locale.