Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DC Run With Max

Max was kind enough to schlep down to the Westin early on Sunday morning for a run on the Mall.  Becky had hoped to join us but her daughter had other ideas.  Gotta say, the run was an all around victory.  I love running in DC especially before it gets too hot.  The temperature was cool, and we ran down fourteenth street to the tidal basin  around the back, through the FDR memorial, which is one of my favorites, then past the Lincoln Memorial, over the Memorial Bridge, back along Memorial Parkway to the Fourteenth Street Bridge and home.  Seven miles and change, averaging a 9:30 pace.  My heel behaved, and my calf behaved.  Max kept the pace steady and reasonable.  It was a real confidence builder. Thanks Max!!  Indeed, the really good news is that I was able to run Monday (6.4)(Mall), Tuesday (4ish) (Capitol Hill) and today (4)(Rock Creek Park).  I haven't run 4 days in a row in many months.  I will take a couple of days off, but I'm beginning to feel like a runner again!!


  1. In my experience running with Max, his pace at any given moment is mine + 0.2 mph.

  2. That is plausible. On Monday I ran 0.3mph slower than I did with Max. :-)