Monday, October 14, 2013

Revenge of the Kenyans Part II and Top US finishers

Forgot to report yesterday about the women's division for the Chicago Marathon where Kenyan women finished one-two and winner Rita Jeptoo finished in 2:19:57, the fastest time of the year. 

The fastest US runners in both divisions?  Dathan Titzenhein, who was already well behind the leader pack at mile 6.5 by my apartment, finished 5th in 2:09:45.  The fastest US women's finisher was Clara Santucci in 9th place at 2:31:37.  Are US runners that far off the world's best or does Chicago for some reason not attract the top US runners?

And on a personal note, Joan Benoit Samuelson is an awesome runner but a terrible tv commentator for a marathon race, straining for eloquent metaphors at the cost of clear reporting or sharing her vast experience as a runner.  Otherwise kudos to NBC Chicago for 4 hour coverage of the race and generally excellent coverage and in depth stories on the runners.

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