Sunday, October 13, 2013

And they're off

Perfect day for the Chicago Marathon where one year ago I wrecked my knee running bandit from mile 8-18.  This year kidney stones prevented me from even considering a return to banditry.  But colleague and occasional blogger Matt Sag begins his first marathon after a spectacular training season.  I will be cheering him on and handing him a water bottle at mile 6.5 in about 20 minutes.

But first, snuck out of the apartment to catch the leader pack and post these photos before returning to my spot at the bus stop at Wellington and Sheridan.  Here are some shots of the leader packs as they ran by on a sunny but cool 47 degree day.  Chance for some records with the pacers shooting for a 61:45 half.

Follow Matt's progress on Twitter @Mattruns312.

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