Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hand off

Went back to corner at 8:25.  At 8:32 Matt came by on the west side of Sheridan.  Slick Olympic relay style hand off of a bike water bottle, a word of encouragement and then he was lost in a sea of humanity.  This was at mile 6.5.  According to Twitter , His 10 K time was 52:41 for a 8:29.  Strong start.  Now back in the comfort of my apartment watching the race on tv before I head back to bed.  One of my more relaxing Chicago marathon days. 


  1. Results not up yet, or I'm not looking in the right place. Go Matt!

  2. His unofficial finish was 3:44:48 according to the twitter feed. 9:02 pace. Great PR for Mr Fair Use.

  3. 3:44 should be much closer to 8:30 avg. . . .