Monday, October 28, 2013

On the Road Again

The blog has become increasingly medical in nature with my own grousing being a major contributing factor.  I continue to work out occasionally but am wiped out a large percentage of the time but improving as the days and weeks from kidney stone attack (KSA) mount.

Probably shouldn't have but pushed things with a trip to Chile for a conference on Private Rights of Action in Competition Cases which our Institute co-sponsored.  I will blog separately about the substance of the conference and the state of competition law in Chile (quite sophisticated) but Chile holds a special place in my heart running wise.  Last year in August I ran a bandit 10K through the streets of the old downtown and the river park ending at La Moneda, the Presidential Palace.

This year I stayed in an entirely different part of town, Las Condes, which is basically the new downtown (mid-town versus Wall Street) with the tallest buidling in Latin America and every American chain restaurant you can imagine (Denny's, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday, etc.).  So I decided to end the pity party and actually run a bit.  I gingerly made my way to the big street and then followed other joggers into the park in the borough of Vitacura and found another race to run bandit.  I really like this country!  It was just a 5K but it felt really good to run outside in shirt sleeves as the weather in Esatdos Unitos slowly descends into late fall and layers for outdoor runs. 

Everything still works.  Left knee is still sore and stiffer than when I was running and stretching regularly.  I overheat even faster than before which I have noticed in the gym as well.  But it was both a nice start and a return to the scene of the crime.

El Bandito strike again!  Viva Chile!!

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  1. That sounds tremendous. Congrats on getting back on your feet!