Monday, September 2, 2013

Running a little

Okay, so I'm beginning to feel more optimistic about my heel.  It's not 100%.  There's still tightness in the AT, and a few tender spots.  That said, I was able to go for short 3 mile runs off the bike several times last week, and I'm none the worse for wear.  On Saturday, I was able to run 8 miles with my running group.  I was fine going at a 9 minute pace for 6-7 miles.  Then the wheels came off. It's a bit odd to have my body act like 8 miles is a long run, but that comes with the territory.  It's good to be getting my stride back.


  1. Fingers continue to be crossed here. Glad you are moving in the right direction and knocking on wood while I write this!

  2. Agree, fingers crossed! I'm easing back into running myself and feeling a smidge more optimistic...but bummed to have to bow out of my goal race for this falls, the Parks Half, which is on Sunday.

  3. Becky, no post on running at Deep Creek Lake? All this pavement pounding; I'm dying to hear about some Maryland trails.

    Sorry about the Parks Half. Never run it. Keep meaning to.

  4. Hilly but beautiful. It's hard to get super excited about runs though when you're struggling through an injury...

    Deep Creek was awesome though--only 3 hrs away and although only a tiny beach, a ton to do. Most of those things cannot be done with a two-year-old, however...but we managed to have a blast anyway.