Monday, September 9, 2013

Nation's Triathlon and Weekend Recap

A big race weekend for the runningprofs, it turns out.  Great news on Spencer's and Matt's half marathon with a roll-back-the-clock performance from the finally healthy Professor Waller.  Waiting for hopefully good news on Ted's triathlon.  (Can't find the results link on the Warrior Triathlon page.)  I ran the Nation's triathlon in DC for the third time resulting in a PR and a rare a.g. podium finish.  (Misleading because the top members of my age group entered the "elite" wave, and quite likely beat me as well.)*  Am I missing anybody?

Back slaps and high-fives all around for a good start to the fall, when running really gets fun.

*Here's an "egg on my face" story:  when signing up for races I frequently tell some seemingly innocuous fib, like listing myself as a U.S. Representative when asked for my job title.  Another time I've been named Haile Gebraselassie.  And so on.  This is largely a protest against race organizers' gathering personal data that to me seems incredibly, well, personal.  At Nation's, they have a "CQ Roll Call Congressional Challenge."  Many local races have something like that -- bragging rights for federal agencies and all.  But at Nation's, they called the podium finishers from that event up to receive awards.  (I've never seen that before.)  With me so far?  Turns out that (fictional) U.S. Representative Max Huffman took silver.  Needless to say, I did not take the podium for that award.


  1. CONGRATS to all!! Green with envy :)

  2. Beautiful day, ridiculous event. Will blog it shortly.