Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So, it's Fall, the weather is perfect for running, and I've gotten out twice in the last three days for runs in Prospect Park. Today MC and I did the full loop for the first time in months.  This is cause for cheering. I'm willing to overlook that my hips are insanely tight, my pace is absurdly slow, and miles 7-8 felt like the end of a marathon.  I keep telling myself that a few weeks of steady, injury free running will bring the form back.  I'm not entirely injury free.  My heel remains a work in progress, but it now supports a forward strike without too much objection.  My left hamstring/glute seems to be the main culprit right now.   They seem to still be trying to ride a bicycle.  I'm just going to thank the running gods that I'm outside on these glorious fall mornings, and hope they keep smiling.


  1. I'm cheering! And envious! And due to post my own update!