Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sag-Ler Report

I am pleased to report that the Loyola Chicago portion of the blog averaged a sub- 2 hour half earlier this morning in low 70s but seriously muggy conditions.  We were saved by a cloud cover and some breeze. Matt scored a 1:55 and I finished in 2:03 (9:24 pace). 

I held a sub 9 minute pace through mile 8 and then gradually gave back time until the final push around mile 11-12.  Having Matt pace me proved a great incentive to stay respectably under 10 a mile.  Matt was kind enough to hang back with me through a 1:32 10 mile until I turned him loose to finish for a blazing final 5 K. Great finish given the conditions, his handicap (me), and his 4 mile warmup at his building's gym before we picked him up to head down to the race. 

As usual, my bad habits of too much walking and a nature break in the brushes at mile 11 prevented me from sub 2 land but my time was my best since 2006. 

Non-athletic novelties included running into my high school prom date and her family just outside the finishers' area and getting a ride home from someone in Matt's running group who is a former civ pro student of mine whom I have seen at several races over the years.

On to Sacramento but I am seriously thinking about substituting 6 or more halves next year instead of the all or nothing training slog for a full marathon.


  1. Phenomenal! Many congrats to you both. That makes two good halves in three months if my recollection is correct.

  2. One other minor surprise. At 5 in the morning when I was pulling out my gear I accidentally grabbed by brand new pair of Kinvaras which I had worn for a grand total on one hour around the house but never run in. Guess it worked out