Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting Over

I sprained my ankle in early February and have been struggling to keep my fitness together since.  It was not too bad a sprain, so I've been able to run on the elliptical, spin and swim, but the weather has been terrible, and, well, there's really no substitute for those 60-80 minute runs during the week.  On the other hand, I didn't want to prolong the injury, so I've been trying to be careful.  Last weeks I started to work short treadmill runs into the workout, and got up to about 45 minutes.  Tuesday I did 5 outside.  It felt okay, but I skipped Wednesday and Thursday with a head cold.  Friday I did plyo and 2 miles and my form felt good.  Yesterday I swam, and today I did 8 at a decent pace.  It felt good.  The ankle is not  100%, but it seems to be getting stronger.  I'm being very careful to keep my weight forward and my turnover at 160-180 steps per minute.  This keeps my footfall light and minimizes the jarring.  Here's to an injury free spring!!

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