Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Shoes

On another note, I'm in the market for some new shoes.  I've been rotating my NB 890s (medium heel displacement (7mm)) and Kinvara 4s (low heel displacement (4mm)) , both with Superfeet. I replaced the NBs a few weeks ago, but the Kinvaras are pretty much done.  I like to have three shoes in the rotation. I will probably replace the Kinvaras.  They have worked well for me pretty consistently, but I'm in the market for one more.  My current thought is to go to add in a more traditional cushioned neutral shoe, like my old pals the Asics Nimbus or Brooks Glycerin, but I'm open to suggestions.  I could also go to a zero drop shoe, or a low drop cushioned shoe like the Hokas, or get another low drop shoe like the Brooks Pure Flow that is similar to the Kinvara.  Thoughts??


  1. Try Altra? I am loving the zero drop and wide toe box

  2. Not sure about zero drop. I'm worried that will upset the Achilles. Might be okay with super feet though.