Thursday, March 5, 2015

Joiing Ted on the bike and in the pool (just not together at the same time)

Finally got into the sports med doctor who runs the clinic at UIC and used to be the medical director for the Chicago marathon to check out the patella and tibia tracking problem that has been driving me crazy for months.  On most long runs it pops out of the track, locks up and hurts like hell.  Somehow it didn't act up on the marathon itself in October or the New Orleans half last month but still required more than the chiro popping it back into place.

The short answer from the MD is that I probably have a partially torn left meniscus.  Probably been torn since my disastrous bandit Chicago marathon in 2012.  The MRI in early 2013 showed a small tear at that time and I am headed back for a new MRI in a week so see what has changed.  If nothing has changed then probably a brace and a lot of biking and pool running in my future.  If its worse or they see something else, then possibly a surgical consult.

It doesn't hurt that much but I clearly have to do something or one day I will plant funny or twist and then the ambulance comes to take me to the emergency room.  I will keep our loyal reader posted.

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