Thursday, November 6, 2014

Announcing the Creation of the FIMC

Today we announce the creation of the FIMC.  Like all international sports bodies this has a fancy French name -- La Federation Internationale du Marathones de la Concurrence (in English International Federation of Antitrust Marathons).

Its sole purpose to select the sites for the future antitrust marathons to ensure the best opportunities for antitrust scholars and distance runners to contemplate the enduring issues of international competition and run the most interesting marathons.

The goal is to have potential sites bid to host the 6th antitrust marathon and beyond with the best package of benefits (and inducements) for the participants and organizers.  Why should we give this away since in the words of convicted ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagoyovich "This thing is (bleeping) golden."

If anyone has mad art skills we could use a fancy logo.  In terms of a motto I propose:

"Twice the brains and integrity of FIFA"

In its first decision the governing board of FIMC (pronounced Fee-Mac) has announced that Budapest is the first site to be considered as a finalist for the 2016 antitrust marathon.

Let the games begin.


  1. Everything sounds better when translated into French! And how do I get in on the inevitable bribes?

  2. I think that we name ourselves the "selection committee" and put out an RFP.

  3. You are all on the exec board and site selection committee. That's kind of the point along with a modicum of good government and all that.

  4. I will do some research on Vienna in December. My understanding is that it is rather heavy on the cobbles and schlag . . .