Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Partial Body Sacrifice

As we were lining up of the NYC Marathon a few weeks ago, the South Brooklyn Running Club "phalanx" were chatting, we all engaged in some reverse trash talking -- fishing for encouragement.  We would talk down our individual aspirations and then one of the group would offer reassurance.  As I questioned my ability to maintain 9:00 miles for the full distance, G_ said, "It's all in your head.  Just remember, 'total body sacrifice.'"  "Sure," I thought, "that's okay if you're 26 and super fit.  For me, some of it is in my legs, some of it is gathered around my middle and the stuff on my head keeps changing color . . . . 'Partial body sacrifice' is more my speed."  That thought went through my head again as I let the phalanx pull away on the Queensborough Bridge.  I am sure I could have stayed with them going up the bridge, but it didn't seem like the right thing to do at the time.

Three weeks later, I'm liking my choice.  Instead of feeling beat up, I'm feeling fit.  Instead of worrying about lurking injuries, I'm watching my form continue to improve.  I'm not sure what my next goals are, but I think it may be a fun winter of running.


  1. Cool! Consider yourself lucky. I am off to see a new doctor for my old injury.

  2. I do. I also have faith that your injuries will resolve. I just hope that it's sooner rather than later!!

  3. Like your thinking. My various injuries magically vanished on race day but reappeared afterwards. Happy I took it easy during the race and enjoying a gentle late fall running season.