Saturday, November 1, 2014

Moment of Truth -- Carb Load Edition

So tomorrow is the NYC Marathon.  Considering where I was back in March, and even in August, I couldn't have asked for a smoother September and October.  I started training this year with the least base ever.  I'd hardly been running from September through March, and had gone gold turkey from December.  The Brooklyn Marathon was a harsh reality check, and reminder of how far I had to go to climb back into Marathon shape.  Things started to turn around at the end of July, with a long bike ride, and a few long runs.  A solid week of running on Cape Cod in early August, and suddenly, long runs did not seem out of the question.  So here I am.  I've banged out 3 20 mile training runs, ran a fair to middling half marathon, and didn't hurt myself during the taper.  This week, my short runs have felt smooth and comfortable. I'm not in the best shape of my career, but at least I'm injury free.  A group of us are going to set out at a 9 minute pace.  This seems reasonable.  I ran 8:30s ish for the half a few weeks ago, and averaged a similar pace last week when we ran the last 10 miles of the course. I should be able to hold it most of the way, and then after about mile 16, it's anybody's guess.  I don't think this will be fast enough to bring me in under 4 hours, but it should be fun.  The big enemies tomorrow are going to be the cold and the wind.  It's going to be in the low 40s with a head or cross wind most of the way.  For anybody who's going to be on the course, here's what I'm planning to wear.  Wish me luck!

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