Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Signs of life

While not coming close to Max's epic achievements, I had a bit of a milestone weekend in the running department.  I'm 16 weeks out from the NYC Marathon, and it is truly important that I start ramping up the long runs.  So Saturday, we went out to the Hamptons to visit friends.  I took a long slow 10 miler, past a Vineyard,

down to Georgica Pond,

where our host was participating in a sailboat race,

and then home.  I felt fine after and was happy.  On Sunday, I went for a very slow and laid back 6 mile run down to Sag Harbor, and still felt fine, and so when R__ was heading out for a run, I joined for another 4.  So that's two 10 mile days in a row, with no negative after effects.  Yesterday I did a spin class and ran two miles outside for a mini-bric . . . I'm still painfully slow, but not in pain, knock on wood.

Luckily today it's raining, so I won't be tempted to do anything stupid.  I think I'll hit the pool.


  1. Great to read!! Love your photos, especially the color of the sky. Am excited for my trip to the Cape in a few weeks.

    Some signs of progress here too, but I don't want to jinx it yet.