Monday, July 28, 2014

A Tour de France worthy crash

About 7 miles out from the apartment, I caught a piece of pavement and went tumbling leaving me with road rash on both hands, cuts and scrapes on the fingers and knuckles, a bruised cheek, a far lip and a banged up knee.  Had to sheepishly call L fora ride home.  Probably the folks in the nearby diner weren't too keen on seeing me walk in all bloody to use heir men's room to wash up.

The stupidest thing was that I wasn't riding, I was running.  It was one of those slow motion moments when you know you are going down and just trying to tuck and roll (rather unsuccessfully obviously).  I was so annoyed at myself.  It was hot and humid and I was shuffling along and my mind started wondering about when to turn around and how to pick up the river path home and boom, I'm on the sidewalk and guys sitting on the ground drinking out of a paper bag are asking me if I am ok.

In the chain of proximate cause, this is all related to my decision to go running yesterday rather than today when its 60 and beautiful.  I knew the forecast but didn't want to run long this morning and then get on a 26 hour flight to New Zealand all stiff and sore.  So instead, I will be getting on a 26 hour flight to New Zealand stiff, sore, and bruised.  But the early morning visit to the chiro and business class should make this tolerable and hopefully heal in time to get some runs in down under. 

On the business side, will be speaking informally to the New Zealand Commerce Commission and the annual Competition law and Policy Institute of NZ on Promoting Innovation.  Draft paper available when I get back to all who care about those sorts of things.


  1. Oh no!! Feel better. Don't spare the ice or the Neosporin!

    What's with all the pavement eating this month? I didn't even blog about a second fall I took last Saturday out riding in Rockland County. I was too embarrassed to be "off the bike" a second time in two weeks . . . This time I was leading a pace group out of Piermont, NY, when a random cyclist decided to cross from the shoulder and turn perpendicular to the road right in front of me. I almost stopped in time, but ended up doing a slow motion somersault over his front wheel. I did manage a shoulder roll (with feet clipped in), and avoided road rash. I think I slightly rebruised the bruise above my knee, but not badly. I finished the ride, even taking a few good pulls on the way back.

    But enough about me. What's with all the falling all of a sudden?? Is it age? Sunspots? Luck?? Thoughts??

  2. Gads, Spencer, glad you walked away from it. Who knew running was so dangerous? And enjoy the NZ trip!