Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4 5K

Ran my first race since December this a.m. -- the Great Falls 5K in Great Falls Park on the Virginia side -- on the most pleasant July 4 morning that I can remember in 15 years living in DC.  July 4 races always seem to be small local affairs and this was no different.  We ran two laps of towpath-like dirt trail, starting and finishing on a lawn near the third falls overlook.

The start-line scrum was populated with single-digit-age kids sprinting until their lungs gave out; a number of speedy high-school cross-country types, and the usual population of 5-10 local hard-men and -women jockeying for that shot at the occasional race win.

Things spread out quickly; in lap 2 I passed two quick young-uns, one of whom held on to give chase in the finishing chute, but I couldn't close on the guy wearing triathlon gear.  (Why do people wear triathlon suits when running, anyway?)  It appears I squeaked into the top 10.  19:11-ish.  And loads of fun.


  1. Sounds like fun. I don't like 5ks, because they involve running hard and fast. I do like 5ks because they always have a nice friendly vibe with a mix of speedsters and folks for whom finishing under 45 minutes is an accomplishment. The celebration is just as big for a 5k as a half marathon, so it's an efficient way to get your running camaraderie fix. Hoping to be back to sub 23 minute form by August. :-)

  2. Completely agree withTed on all aspects of 5ks except the ability to go sub 23 which is long in my past. I am no longer fast merely persistent.

  3. Very nice run. Isn't that close to your PR? A strong showing after your injury layoff.