Saturday, July 5, 2014

Last Couple of Runs

Thanks to Max who posted for me when I was abroad and couldn't sign into the site.

Had a birthday on my last day in Dublin and celebrated by going out for a morning run in the opposite direction away from Phoenix Park.  This time I head east along the Liffey and then along the curving East Wall Road (the actual east wall of the Port so about a mile without crossing a street).  Headed into East Point which is both a high tech office park and a lovely gravel path by a lake.  That path actually dead ended so I backtracked and headed around Fairview Park and down The Strand back to the River and home.  About 65 minutes and 7 miles or so.  Then spent the day touring the old jail and its sad story of the 1916 uprising and the civil war which followed home rule.  You've actually seen the panoptican like part of the newer jail in the films Michael Collins and In the Name of the Father.  Then off to the Guinness Tour, a free pint, and a nap.  Dinner at The Winding Stair which I highly recommend.

Home the next day which began at 4 AM Dublin time and ended by falling asleep at 8 PM Chicago time (2 AM Dublin).

Thought a long run was in order both for training purposes and to reset my body clock.  Did a slow but negative split 11 to the edge of the museum campus and back.  I am so out of alignment from planes, trains, and schlepping luggage that I could actually feel the body parts fighting each other rather than working together.  Hopefully my adjustment tomorrow morning (love my chiro for her weekend hours) will take care of that.  Otherwise enjoyed my first run in my NB 980s.  I plan to continue training in those but racing in the Saucony Kinvara 4s. 

Happy to be home but not looking forward to the usual heat and humidity of training in the Chicago summer.

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