Monday, July 28, 2014

Busy Week -- Knock on Wood

Becky, I feel your pain!! At least this week, it is only figuratively, rather than literally.  .  .  .

I am continuing to knock on wood, and this week at least it seems to be working.  Did a pretty intense bric Thursday, ran a slow 12 Friday, took two spin classes Saturday (don't ask -- subject for another blog post maybe), rode 75 miles in Dutchess and Columbia counties Sunday, and today did a recovery spin and swim.  The good news is I stayed on the bike, and don't appear to have aggravated anything.  The bad news is that I am still slow.  This time two years ago, I rode two centuries at 18 mph.  Yesterday, I was pretty gassed after 75 miles at just under 16 mph.  We did get drenched in a pouring rain for the first 20 miles and then again from 30-35.  I also took a wrong turn and added in a bonus climb.  Still, I was a good deal faster not too long ago.  That's what a long layoff and a series of injuries will do, I guess.  Here's hoping for continued forward progress . . .

Becky, take care of yourself.  At some point your foot will recognize that, try as it might, there's no stopping you!!

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