Sunday, April 27, 2014

Running with Max

So even 5 weeks out from knee surgery Max was rocking the post-antitrust colloquium 8 miler on Saturday morning with my Back on my Feet running group.  Great to catch up and converse under the runners' privilege but depressing that it was all I could do to keep you with a post-surgery and allegedly out of shape Max.  Left the phone in the car so no pics and no precise times but clear that the great one was taking pity on me and allowing us to stick to a low to mid 9's pace.

In other running news, a salute to brother Matt Sag who completed his second sub four marathon yesterday in the Illinois Marathon in beautiful Champaign.


  1. It was a nice run! Great running group and, as always, great running with Spencer.

    Later that day I explored other parts of Chicago. Manny's Deli on Jefferson, Lou Malnati's in Oak Park, a view down the block toward 5046 S. Greenwood, the Frank Lloyd Wright house across the street from Chicago business school, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian Church in Oak Park.

  2. Robie House? I used to live diagonally across the street (and a couple of blocks further East). I walked by it almost every day on the way to class. It always struck me as remarkable that FLW built that house in 1907. It still looks cutting edge modern. All the collegiate gothic/Oxbridge buildings a few blocks away were built later (in the 20s and 30s). . . At the time, the buildings across the street were absolutely hideous mid-century dorms. Now it's the absolutely hideous hyper post-modern b-school. Robie House still looks timeless.