Saturday, April 19, 2014

Longish run. . .

So I ran ten today.  I might even be able to run a half in May.  Here's proof that I at least started the run.   I paced the 10+ group. :-)


  1. Awesome, wish I could have been there! (Though not sure I would have made it 10; I ran 7 with Sarah yesterday and am still sore today.)

  2. Wish you'd been there too. The group split in threes, some folks who were running just under 10 and some 11+ers. I dropped back to run sweep, keeping the middle group in sight. Eventually the back two decided to walk, and I dashed forward to the middle group. The front of the group, of course, got lost on the way home, and ran some bonus blocks. Still lots of fun, and I feel pretty good today. I'm feeling optimistic about being able to run the Brooklyn Half, at least at a training pace. . .