Monday, April 21, 2014

And since we're at it . . .

Notes about the women's results:

2 under 2:20.  We have ruminated here at RP about the relative rarity of women's fields pushing world record paces.  No world records, but a women's course record, and Shalane Flanagan bettered Desiree Davila's 2011 American record by ~30".


  1. I was riveted this morning (and luckily it was pretty quiet at work so I could be!) I read that Shalane's 2:22 would have easily won in almost any other year. I cringed when I watched her take it out so hard, but she clearly had a plan and stuck to it. Imagine running 2:22 on a day where everything didn't come together perfectly.

    I wonder though if she feels like she maxed out on preparation (she describes it as having gone perfectly). I hope she emerges the victor one day!

  2. Ryan Hall said in 2010, after finishing 4th with a blistering 2:08:41, something like "I think I can win this race, I just need to run like I did today, and others need not to run 2:06". Never truer words spoken. Shalane Flanagan has Boston winner speed, but maybe not world record contender speed, and Rita Jeptoo is apparently a serious world record contender. OTOH, who would have guessed she would drop ~7 minutes YOY from last year.

  3. Also worth noting: Joan Benoit Samuelson's 2:52 marathon at age 58.