Friday, February 21, 2014

I ran!

Well, the non-running streak is over.  I went for a short jog this morning in the fog and drizzle under the BQE, through Brooklyn Bridge Park, past a long line of Jehovah's Witnesses on their way to their communal prayer breakfast, past a car that looks as old as I feel, and then I was home.  I went slow.  It didn't hurt.  It's great to be back, even heavier, slower and with no aerobic base. . .


  1. Hurrah!! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Yes, fingers crossed, and enjoy the running with no expectations.

  3. I ran again today. I felt really lousy when I set out, mostly due to a head cold, but also because my heel felt really tight. Went to the gym, because it was cold, and ran really really slowly on the treadmill. End result, 45 minutes, running was comfortable, and heel felt looser after. It hurts now, though . . . Grrr!!