Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Run

No attempt at crafting a lyric title this time.  Just the word "run" is poetry enough.

On the first day with temperatures above freezing in what seems like months, I joined the school running club for 6.2 miles from school, around the downtown canal, along the White River (aptly named this winter!), and back across campus on mixed pavement, slush, snow, and occasional ice-and-water.  J__, J__, and I broke off the front of the pack.  Thankfully they still respected my age, infirmity, and weakened lungs.  Good conversation, a comfortable pace, and a comfortable temperature.

I concentrated on careful leg turnover and a light touch on the ground and for the first time since maybe last July I'm done with a run and feeling none the worse for wear.

Readership be warned:  excessive blogging under the header "today's run was awesome!" may be on the return.