Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cutest Antitrust Email Ever

Hopefully this is real and not one of you messing with me.


Hi Dr. Waller,

My name is Alysse and I am a seventh grader at Riviera Hall Lutheran School located in Southern California. I am doing a research project on Anti-trust laws, Standard Oil, and John D. Rockefeller and wish to ask you two questions. From my research, I feel that you would be someone experienced enough to offer insight into my topic.

Please respond to the following two questions:

1. What is the main reason why an antitrust lawsuit was filed against standard?

2. Why did John D. Rockefeller go into the oil business, and how did the business become so big?

I am so grateful for your input. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn about it and research it, and your input would be so valuable to me.

Please respond to this as soon as you can, and I appreciate your time helping me with my project.


Alysse Hatakeyama


  1. Hmm. No obvious Nigerian connection. . . Seems it would be harder to find you, than to find this -- -- on the interwebs . . . Curious.

  2. That's awesome. What will be really awesome is if I show up at the LUC colloquium in 2024 and Alysse is an Institute fellow.