Monday, February 17, 2014

Fear of Running -- Newton's First Law

My non-running streak continues.  This is a bit surprising. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the foot doctor cleared me to run on Sunday.  It is now Monday.  I'm still on the couch with my feet up.  What's up with that?  Part of this is because it's cold, miserable and slippery outside.  Part is because I'm getting a lot of work done sitting in my comfy chair with my feet up.  The larger part, though is fear of a setback.

This is an odd reversal.  When I first got hurt, I was reluctant to stop running for an extended period of time for fear of losing my conditioning, built up over a long period.  Now, having invested over a month in resting my foot, and most recently, close to a week in being an absolute couch potato, I'm nervous about starting up too early and restarting the inflammation cycle I'm trying to break.

I have definitely made progress. My foot no longer hurts when I walk barefoot (at least after the first few steps in the morning).  I definitely have not licked it entirely.  All of the key spots are still tender, though much less so.  Right now, I'm feeling invested in healing, rather than training.

Inertia takes you as you are . . .

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  1. Yeah, that hits close to home.

    Anybody try the Hoka OneOne shoe? I have a new pair on order. They ain't cheap.