Saturday, December 14, 2013

The weather outside is . . .

News reports and pictures of great snow in Chicago and coming to New York.  Here's hoping for one of the Spencer/Ted running photojournals and reports of steamy breath, crunchy steps, and downy flakes.  Because the only thing better than a good running photojournal must be the compiling of it.

UPDATE:  It's nasty here.  I managed about eight, coming in draped in icicles!  Would not have been weather to record by camera even if I was good at doing that.


  1. In Vienna, completing Day 4 of my non-running streak. I'm trying to limit myself to the elliptical for a few more days, but I have my gear, and it is calling to me from the suitcase. We'll see what happens. There's no snow, but it certainly looks like X-mas here.

  2. Sticking to elliptical and treadmill the past week as most days had wind chill around zero. Had to skip the Rudolph Ramble for the same reason. Got a nice hat though. Hope to get outside tomorrow or Wednesday as normal 30s supposed to return.