Thursday, December 5, 2013

And the first nomination for the 2013 Blawgie is...

2013 is already a banner year for this wonderful little group chat about running and kvetching about injuries and bad race logistics.  We already have more posts than in any of our prior three years.  But it is time to recognize the best posts of the year.  So I would like to begin with a shout out and nomination to Phil Marsden for his running in Ethiopia post with pictures.  Awesome stuff.

But he is not alone.  Nominate your favorite posts even if they are your own and the ones that get the most favorable comments will be the 2013 Blawgie winners.  You can even create categories.  Phil's would be travel obviously.  Creativity counts for both the posts and the categories.  Perhaps next year we can have actual statuettes, awards like pictured below, or bronzed miniature running shoes for the winners.



  1. Just outside the 2013 time window is Max's Paula Broadwell post, which has, by far the most hits of any of our posts. The most hits of 2013 title goes to Phil's report on the Amsterdam Marathon (with pictures).

  2. Most hits is only one category, though. I think we should think of categories:

    (1) Actual law related posts
    (2) Arts and literature
    (3) Racing
    (4) Amateur sports medicine