Sunday, December 29, 2013

Running resolutions?

Anybody?  Anybody?

A typology of resolutions:

1.  Sheer number of miles (weekly, for the year . . .)
2.  Process oriented (mornings from 6-7 are devoted to running, whether actually running or strengthening to run better or even just meditating on running)
3.  Another sort of outcome -- I will run X races or Y paces
4.  The ceiling resolution:  unlike last year, I will not run further than X or faster than Y
5.  The non-running running resolution:  I won't let work get in the way of my running!
6.  The gear resolution:  every time I think about buying more worthless gear, I will run instead (or the variant:  every time I buy gear I will run an incremental mile for each dollar the gear cost me)
7.  The partner resolution:  I will run more with so-and-so
8.  The blogging resolution: I will blog more about running!


  1. Current running goal is to get healthy. . . Right now that means not running. Probably a bad idea to start setting goals . . .

  2. A good ceiling resolution.

    Mine is to run when the plan calls for running (which is not inconsistent with yours, I might add). Because the plan calls for running today, I'm heading out. Very crisp clear morning in DC. Should set the right tone.

    And -- get healthy quickly!