Saturday, November 2, 2013

NYC Marathon

Good luck to everyone running the NYC Marathon tomorrow.  What a difference a year makes.


  1. I don't follow this race closely enough year over year to know, but it seems as if there is remarkable diversity in national origin represented among top finishers! A French runner took 4th among women; a New Zealander from Rhode Island whose name (Kim Smith) was not familiar to me was in the top 10 women; and among the men I see South Africa, Japan (twice), the US (twice), and Uganda represented in the top 15 or so.

    Meanwhile, D__, my former colleague from the law firm now residing in New York, is as of last report on a steady-Eddie 6:48 pace, seeking his second sub-3 marathon (and first in a record-legal loop course).

  2. Turns out my buddy D__ was a victim of the winds, finishing with a heart-breaking 3:00:09.

    If that isn't bad enough, in 2011 D__ ran 3:00:04 in NYC. In 2012, like Ted, he was shunted to a second-choice race and encountered surprising late-season heat, also killing his three hour aspirations.

  3. New York is a tough race to PR in. The crowd, the hills, the wind, the potholes. It's hard to run your own race.