Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little insight (maybe)

My plan to seek chiropractic help for my foot mystery morphed into making an appointment with a Rockville-based PT whom I had heard about for years from former runner colleagues. This guy is not very convenient to either home nor work (nor is he an in-network provider for my insurance company), but I am at the end of my rope.

It's so funny that depending on which health professional you talk to, you will get very differing opinions. This guy (who heard exactly what exercises and treatment I've been doing for the last 9 months) had the following observations and insights:
  • I'm probably better off without my orthotics
  • I have some muscle imbalances in my glutes and hips
  • The exercises I've been doing aren't targeted enough to hit the small muscles that need to learn to activate
  • I have ideal cadence (at least during a 5-min run on the treadmill)
  • My arch pain isn't plantar fasciitis, it is a problem with the muscle(s) in the arch (and therefore foam rolling and stretching the calf won't help much)
  • And my favorite piece of advice (after I asked whether I should keep foam rolling and doing my other PT exercises): "If doing these things makes you have less pain, you should keep doing them. If you aren't getting better after three weeks of a treatment regimen, it's time to try something else."
So I will be trying out some new exercises (hopefully I can remember them) in the next week. Cross your fingers! (Or toes?)

Speaking of the near future, Ted, is your DC visit coming up soon??


  1. I arrive in DC next Wednesday evening, and will be there through Sunday. I am nervous. The run last Saturday with the taperers may have been a mistake. I have suffered a heel related setback, and am back to being day to day . . . grumble, grumble. Even the elliptical today hurt . . . Assuming I'm back in form, I could do a run on the C&O Friday morning, or a Bethesda/Chevy Chase based run Saturday or Sunday morning.

  2. Perhaps, in the meantime, I can borrow your PT. He sounds great!!