Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging workshop

Today a few colleagues who blog to advance their professional circumstances (rather than to advance their running!) gave a workshop on the process, benefits, costs, and so on.  Not wanting to be a snob, I was thinking "that post on such-and-such a case isn't nearly as cool as the runningprofs blog "flash symposium" on the Rome Marathon!  (Or pick your example.)

Do the other runningprofs blog in more formal settings as well?  "Here is the abstract of my recent piece on . . ."


  1. This is the only blog where I have regular posting privileges, but I have posted elsewhere (, when asked, and did a stint as a guest blogger a few years back on at, a bankruptcy related blog. These experiences have left me with nothing but admiration for the folks who post regularly on these serious law related blogs.

  2. I guested on concurring opinions but that has been it.