Saturday, November 23, 2013


Max, you were missed in DC this morning.   Becky and I repeated the Capital Crescent run of last June.   My heel is still creaky.  Her arch is still sore.  Still a great run.  We kept a 9ish pace for five, and then, as seems to be my wont these days, I died.  This probably has something to do with not having any base. . .   One of these days the heel will resolve, and I'll be able to start running more than once or twice a week . . .


  1. Yup, it was nice! Thought my foot was better until the last few miles. Which could mean that I shouldn't have done the last few miles. Alas. En route to a benefit where dancing is sure to improve my sore foot.

    PS Ted--Matt knew the Austin Grill guy you mentioned immediately. Big name around here.

  2. Also, Sarah didn't mention that her sisters are pro triathletes :) Fast family!

  3. I could tell she came from a family of gazelles, especially when she started talking about winning races . . .

    I was going to ask you about the orthotic. How did it feel?

    Went for a short three miler on Sunday, and felt okay, and ran to the gym this morning, and actually felt like things were improving. Hope springs eternal.

  4. My loss! Glad it was a nice run. I regrettably cannot claim to have run at all meaningfully while in San Luis Obispo, though I did get a quick mile in while feeding the meter while during lunch last Wednesday.