Monday, November 4, 2013

Anyone ever have success with chiropractors?

Unlike Ted, my glimmer of hope (two pain-free runs) didn't last. Something is going on with me and I am sick of people asking me if I should be running if my foot hurts. I've basically been in PT since February and any improvement has been followed by the pain returning. I'm stronger for sure but what is the root cause? Lately my left hip has been jamming up every so often (not related to running, happens after sitting usually) and given that it's my left foot that is the problem, I'm wondering if I am just all out of whack and need an adjustment. But I also know that while that may be true, there could be other factors at play. I know that I do lift my daughter on my left side--she is way too old to be carried, but that doesn't mean I don't ever pick her up...

Anyone had success with a chiro?


  1. I have used a chiropractor successfully, but not for the usual "adjustment" -- in my case it was active release and a form of aggressive massage using a metal blade-like tool (graston technique). It got me through Boston in 2012 after partially tearing my achilles in the Cherry Blossom 2 weeks earlier.

    I mention it because the torn achilles was a final symptom of left side distress that sounds not unlike yours -- foot and hip and sort of everything in between.

    That doc. is Paul Glodzik. Last time I saw him (18 months ago) he was seeing patients at an office on Connecticut across the street from the zoo.

  2. Thanks Max, I am looking him up! Really appreciate it. I've had graston too, though not much on this injury.

  3. Well, reports of my recovery may have been a bit premature. I ran with C on Saturday, and my hips tightened up again, as they had been before, after around 5 miles. Then my heel started hurting again, and I despaired. Sunday I hit the pool, and today the bike. Hip and heel are happier again, so my optimism is returning.

  4. I have not tried chiro, just massage and acupuncture, which have helped.

  5. I have had great success with chiros for just this sort of thing.