Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ugh and a funny sight

Another too brutal 15 miles, this time 8 days before Boston.  Some realities:

(1) I am not PR'ing in Boston.
(2) I am not breaking 3:00 in Boston (a necessary corollary of number 1).
(3) Boston is going to hurt.

Then I walked in to the office.  I'm here to finish my edits on "Commissioner Wright and Behavioral Antitrust" for the Antitrust Source.  (Euphemistic conclusion in 10 words or less:  Commissioner Wright will not be leading any charges.)

I stopped by Potbelly's on the way for a roast beef sub and a chocolate milkshake.  The picture depicts their decor over the register.  It's a little hard to see (I'm no photographer, sorry to say), but yes, those are copies of West's Bankruptcy Reporter.  Lost in the glare is an old John Couger -- yes, using the old name -- album jacket and a picture of JF and Jacqueline kissing babies.  Is this a statement about print books or about the business of bankruptcy?


  1. Print books. You can buy 'em by the yard. Also, I'm guessing that the firm libraries offload their specialty reporters before they start tossing the F. Supps.

  2. Re. Boston: Rest, rest, rest! You won't know about (1) or (2) until you are well into the race.

  3. But (3) is pretty much guaranteed. . .