Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Run Without Pictures

I always look forward to my Chicago runs with Max.  Of course, I am only able to keep up with him if he is under the weather and/or recovering from a race.  Yesterday was both.  It was Max's recovery run from Boston and he was fighting the left overs of a head cold.

I picked him at his hotel around 9 and we headed south on the outer drive to 31st street and parked just north of 31st by the lakefront.  We headed south down to the Hyde Park Point and back for something in the 8-9 range including all the curlycues and diversions .  Its my favorite part of the park (south of McCormick Place) pretty, uncrowded, lots of sights to see north, south, and along the lake and beach fronts.  Remind me to blog one of these days about my idea of running tours of the major tourist destinations in our fair cities.

We had a chilly but clear day where we could see well into Indiana along the curve of the lake.  On the way back, always thrilling to see the Loop loom up as we work our way northward.

I appreciate Max's deferring to my gentle pace and the need for the occasional walk break (usually timed to coincide with some sights I wanted to point out).  Runner's privilege prevents me from disclosing the many things we discussed over the 92 minute run, but very much appreciated the chance to catch up while on the move.

I can reveal our panic when we sprinted the last couple hundred yards to the parking lot only to discover that the car wasn't there.  After considering the two most likely and distressing scenarios (theft and towing), we eventually figured out we were at 39th street, and not 31st, and my car was safely parked one mile north of where we were.

Antitrust on Friday, running was Saturday.  The essence of the blog. 


  1. You may be a _tad_ too self-deprecating here! I am happy to have observed what the other runningprofs know from Rome, which is that you are well on your way to mending after last fall's hiccup.

  2. Ah, many fond memories of running around Hyde Park point. That was my go to route for three years of non-serious running during law school.