Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer Centuries

So I haven't done any racing since May's Brooklyn Half Marathon -- not much posting either, though I've been a loyal reader.  Welcome back Phil!!  Your posts have been an inspiration to me to reappear. 

Over the summer I discovered a new form of endurance sport, Century bicycle tours.  I did two, one in Maine and one on the North Fork of Long Island.  I must say, I am hooked.  These are large group rides, rather than races.  You head out, find a group that matches your pace, ride through the country side, and stop every 25 miles or so for ablutions and snacks.  Very civilized, and very scenic. 


  1. And as long as you keep the rubber side down you are much more likely to stay healthy!

  2. That depends on how much pie you eat at the rest stops . . .