Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day two of The Recovery.   Yesterday, blue skies in Perfidious Albion and so I laced up and did a short ridgeway trot.    I live on Cumnor Hill and there is a nice ridge to Boar's Hill with a beautiful view down over Oxford's spires.    It is a real nice rolling route with sheep on one side and cows on the other and mid way is one of my favourite places, Jarn Mound, a man-made elevation with a great view over to the Cotswolds and rumours of Treasure buried within the mound.  I stretched and iced the PF after, and then spent much of the day reviewing CVs for a senior OFT appointment coming up.   Today I woke up and the foot felt ok, so I had time to squeeze in a short plod with a few light increases of pace.   Then I tried a few squat jumps and other Tabata type stuff for a few minutes before showering down, suiting up and training in to London ( standing room only the whole way...hence why I will not go for Max's standing desk idea just yet).    I am watching out for PF niggles and there are some, but so far containable.    Chaired a Research Committee meeting at my Institute, finalised my Bruges syllabus for this autumn's lectures,  and did some merger conference planning.   A good day and minimal PF pain so far.    Am I doing too much too soon?    And how to shift the stone and a half I have put on since Dublin 09?    (that is 21lbs to you, and it ain't all rowing muscle alas!).   Need to get fat burning, stat.


  1. My only advice is to go easy. After your test drive, start with walk/runs before shifting into serious running mode. There are a bunch of schedules on the web for mixes of minutes walking to running and gradually moving to all running over a period of days or a couple of weeks. Its frustrating but very helpful in the long run. I am doing this very same thing as I get back on the path after my calf strain.

  2. Are you foam rolling? 3' before the run and 3' before bed, concentrating on the IT bands and calves. In a pinch a rolling pin from the kitchen will do.