Sunday, September 16, 2012

compression sleeves

They're sleeves for your legs!  They're all the rage!  But they do look a little dorky.  (See below). 

 (not my actual legs)

I am trying these out for the first time both to help with my calf strain and in general to see how they help with lactic acid and muscle fatigue.

Does anyone have any experience with these?  Helpful, or a faddish waste of money?  Before you get too judgmental, wait to you see a picture of my new Mizuno Elixir ultra lights which are best, but ugliest, shoes I have ever run in.


  1. Spencer I cannot possibly comment properly until I have seen a pic of you in these and then laughed and laughed my head off. Have they just taken compression flight socks and cut the feet off? But hey if they help with a strained calf, then all good!

  2. I wear the sock version of the same thing. Highly recommended. (The support on the feet is so nice that I've never understood only wearing the sleeves.) I wear them for two days before and two to three days after every long race, but I don't run in them. That's primarily because they look dorky.