Sunday, September 2, 2012

FIsh stories about running

I'm OK with presidential or vice presidential candidates fudging the truth about the unemployment rates, about their roles in raising or not raising taxes, about their or other candidates' sexual deviancies -- whatever. I'm not OK with this. After a painful media idol-a-fest over Paul Ryan's apparently extraordinary level of fitness, it turns out he's inflated himself just a tad. Or by >25% -- a 4:01 marathon somehow became "under 3 hours."

To whom does that lie appeal? Ryan must be after Gary Johnson's five or six voters.

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  1. Really unbelievable. I have mispoken when giving my marathon times. After all, it's really the last two significant figures that matter (in my case somewhere between :45 (aspirational) and :15 (a bad day). The outrage is that when the interviewer said wow, he didn't correct himself. Instead, he said, "I was fast when I was younger." As a just under 4 hour marathoner myself, I know I am not fast, even now. Just stubborn. So, he was either lying or delusional or both. Neither is a good sign.