Monday, January 9, 2012

3. Run to reconnect

Visiting Kansas for my grandmother's funeral, which after 101 tremendous years was not a tragic event, I laced up the shoes twice with C__, my cousin once removed by marriage, and enjoyed the crisp Kansas mornings. I've known C__ now for 13 years, for much of which I've known he enjoyed running, and these were somehow our first runs together. We learned we graduated together from Cornell and he even roomed with a rowing teammate of mine during his freshman year. I learned that C__ is a real runner, too, as he steamed past while I hyperventilated my way up the final hill (yes, Kansas has hills, and steep ones at that!). C__ has been looking to qualify for a Boston marathon entry. My suggestion to him is to find a sea level race, rather than the Denver marathon, and to run it like he ran this weekend.

Two runs and I now know a long-time family member better than I did before, or ever would otherwise. How's that for getting something out of this sport?

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