Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nick of Time

So I managed to log another 20 miler on Sunday.  I met C early for 7 miles around Prospect Park.  It was a bit humid, but cool, and the meadow was blanketed in mist -- really beautiful.  We finished at the SBRC meet up, where I met D and B, who were setting off for 17 along the New York City Marathon route.  We ran up Flushing Avenue, through Williamsburg and Greenpoint onto the Pulaski Bridge (the halfway point for the Marthon), where I experimented with an over the shoulder selfie.   We continued through Long Island City and up over the Queensborough Bridge.  Then back along the East Side. I hit 20 miles near the Williamsburg Bridge, so peeled off and took the F train home from there.  The run was a real confidence builder.  I am not a big fan of the Queensborough Bridge.  It is a big, long, unrelenting, cold hill that shows up at miles 15/16 of the Marathon.  For me, it is usually where I begin to hurt -- not a lot, but enough to be demoralizing.  A pre race visit should be a big help.  Anyway, I seem to be already recovered from the run, so I'm feeling much more confident of my ability to finish a marathon in a few weeks.  I'm not expecting anything great, but at least I'm feeling like a runner again . . .

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