Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Unintentionally Profound Text Sequence

A couple of weeks ago I did my 16 miler and texted my wife at a water break around half way out to let her about when I thought I would be home, leading to this potentially deep exchange.

Me: at mile 8.

Her: Take it easy.  Its really hot out.

Me: Don't understand.

Her: Don't push yourself.  Its not a race.

Me: Of course it is.

Her: Only against yourself.

Me: The only worthy opponent.


Have we just inadvertently defined what it means to be married to a non-runner?


  1. This is great! I can illustrate the same scenario by relaying a very simple verbal exchange:

    Me: I'm so tired of my foot hurting. I wish I could just run.

    Him: Maybe it would stop hurting if you didn't run.

  2. I also like it, perhaps largely because it is rather poetic!

    But, am I unique?
    Me: I'm feeling restless. Let's clean up the house.
    Her: Just go run, would you?
    Me: Didn't feel like sprinting at the end.
    Her: You always give up! You should push yourself more.

  3. Her: Did you go running today?
    Me: No.
    Her: That explains it . . .