Friday, January 3, 2014

Not what I wanted to hear

I think today was foretold when I slipped on ice in the parking lot walking into PT this morning. (We didn't get as much snow as NY, Chicago, etc. but it was the kind of cold that makes headlines in Washington.) I fell onto the outside of my knee and I think I probably just bruised it, but knowing my luck, it'll hurt for a year.)

So I finally made it inside, but things kind of went downhill from there. I hadn't been to PT since Dec. 16 and I think both of us knew that if I hadn't seen any improvement since then, we were going to be at a crossroads. (This is the PT that feels pretty strongly that if treatment doesn't work within a month to six weeks, it's time to seek another opinion.) He wasn't totally negative, but urged me to make an appointment to see an orthopedist who could order me an MRI. Apparently he is worried about something called peroneal subluxation which is best explained by someone other than me (Google it). The weird thing is that it's usually caused by a severe ankle sprain, and as far as I know, that hasn't happened to me, and I've had peroneal pain since last February.) If I get a clean MRI, he said, it might mean that my chronic pain is "self-limiting."


In any case, I of course now have to get an MRI and am imagining all sorts of havoc going on in my foot. While not convenient, I am going to see a well-respected foot and ankle ortho at Georgetown next Thursday. Georgetown is where I had my knee surgery 6 years ago and I trust those guys. So...onto the next.

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  1. Looked up peroneal subluxation. Let's hope it's not that. The rehab seems murderously slow. Keep your imagination in check, unless you're visualizing a miracle cure. :-)