Monday, January 13, 2014

Can't Believe I am the Healthy One

So there is nothing actually wrong with me at the moment except a thumb injury which doesn't affect running and the fact I am old and don't have a good winter base established.  But I do have a half marathon coming up on January 25th.  I plan to run as long as the wind chill doesn't fall below 12-15 (above zero).  Today was around 40 and partially sunny so I got out for 7.5 miler going north in Lincoln Park.  The main problem was left over ice and giant puddles of slush which I avoided all but two times.  The problem is that this is my longest run since forever.  I plan to do one more longish run of 8.5 or so if the weather holds the next few days.  What do you all think about then doing a half with that as my longest training run?  I sure I can finish but I think its going to be ugly.  Ugly I can take, but not interested in ugly, not fun, and injured as the result.


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  1. It depends on whether you can avoid going fast, and have the discipline to stop if it hurts. Stay healthy my friend.