Saturday, January 25, 2014

I ran so I can ...

A Classic set up for tee shirts and hats sported by runners.  The answers usually are "eat anything" and "drink beer".  For me, the obvious answer is "nap".

Just woke up from a stunning 2 1/2 hour nap following the F3 Chicago Winter Half-Marathon.  This was probably the worse conditions I have ever run in.  18 degrees tops, 20 plus MPH mostly cross winds the whole way, although at one point there appeared to be cross-winds coming from the east and west at the same time.  Terrible course conditions which F3 isn't responsible for including way too much ice, thick snow elsewhere on the path, tons of slush (from salting), and heavy mud in one key stretch where some elite runners were tumbling all over the place. 

F3 is responsible for the fact that they can't seem to figure out how to place mile markers or timers on a course in bad weather.  Once again, whatever mile marker they use could not be placed on the course because of the wind. Fair enough, but spray painting the snow in random places is not a reasonably effective substitute. 

I don't know why they can't just bring 10-13 large pieces of cardboard and some sharpies and make signs to give to some of the (very cold) volunteers at the intersections and drink stations or at least tell them what mile they are working at.

I couldn't feel my hands for the first 3 miles or my very wet feet for the last 2.  Finished in an unimpressive 2:20 (but roughly my marathon pace).  While I wasn't going to win any awards, I also don't understand why the organizers would move the awards ceremony from the comfy pub for the after party to the frigid race site.

F3 is 0-2 in my book.  Willing to give them a chance for warm weather races but they seem to specialize in winter races.

Congrats to my Loyola colleague Matt Sag who came in under 2 hours in these dreadful conditions.


  1. Spencer, you are an iron man in my book!! Bravo!! Feeling old and decrepit this week in Brooklyn. No running at all for me . . .

  2. Many congrats to both of you (Spencer and Matt). That's just awesome.